pole barn

I haven’t posted in a while, largely because I have been working away at building a pole barn in my backyard, which was desperately needed as an outdoor work and storage space. It’s done now, so I figured I would break back into the blog by first sharing some photos of the barn, and in my next post (coming soon) to talk in some detail about Eastern Hemlock—Tsuga canadensis—the local tree that provided all of the lumber for the project.

pole barn

pole barn window

pole barn frame

8 Comments on “pole barn

  1. Looking good! Your sawyer has a circular saw blade, which looks nice on your boards…

    Are you planning to put more windows in? How long did it take you to do?

    Anyway, love it, man. Good job!

    • Rick-
      I put three windows in, two fixed picture windows that are about 48″ x 76″ (which are actually repurposed Andersen sliding door panels), and one small inswinging gable end window (made from an old wooden sash from a double-hung window), which helps with ventilation. Those three, and the sliding door, which is about 100″ high x 92″ wide, are all the openings. Overall, the whole project took a couple of months of me chipping away at it part time.

  2. Your building is perfect! Exactly what I’m trying to design for my sows. How did you tie your rafters into the header? Did you have engineered plans? Where did you get them?

    • Christina-
      Thanks. The rafters are simply nailed into the top plates/headers. I drew the plans myself—my town’s code enforcement officer did not require any additional engineering specs or stamp, as it was pretty straightforward stuff.

  3. This looks excellent, and exactly what I’m looking to do. Is it 8′ between posts, so 24X32? Is that 2×8 rafters spaced 24″?

    • Thanks Trevor. The footprint of the pole barn is 18×30; the posts are 6×6 so the spacing between them on the long walls is about 90 inches. As for the rafters, good eye, they ARE 2×8 at 24″ spacing.

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