New York Forest Owners Association

A brief profile of me, my wife Suzanne,  and the ongoing work of managing our woodlot was published in the latest edition of  The New York Forest Owner, the bi-monthly magazine of the New York Forest Owners Association. NYFOA  is now in its 50th year, and continues to work in support of  its mission:  “To promote sustainable forestry practices and improved stewardship on privately owned woodlands in New York State.”

If you own woodland in New York (or beyond), and would like to become a better steward of that land and its forest community, NYFOA is a great resource. Consider becoming a member, and make our collective voice in support of sustainable, holistic forest management that much stronger—-go to the NYFOA website for more information about how to get involved.

tall Red Maple

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    • Thanks Tim. Is there an online version of the recent Primitive Pursuits magazine article?—-still haven’t seen it, and would like to………………

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